NEW SERVICE: pornstar dating service

Gain access to a database of over 5000 professional models in Europe. Check individual monitoring model of interest, compromising the removal from the Internet, dating models.
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NEW SERVICE: pornstar dating service

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NEW SERVICE: pornstar dating service

Shock Models dating service ( functioning thanks to friendly model agents ), provides an opportunity to meet any model in absentia!

The cost of the service according to 1 model or monthly in the absence of meetings is 200 EURO.

Attention scouts! For cooperation - contact us, contacts are indicated in the signature at the bottom of the topic.

On the street she is impregnable, at the exhibition with friends, in a cafe with a friend.
A car in the left lane rushes you past her to a business meeting ... You are a business, confident, held, possibly married ... and you do not have time and chance to meet.

It can be a beautiful serious romance;
It may be a flirt with an invitation;
It could be sponsorship.

Each girl and lady has her specific wishes and suggestions. That is what makes such an acquaintance interesting. You can look after beautifully, and can make quickly and expensively.
How many attractive, interesting girls with whom you could be mutually happy, but you are not yet familiar! You just need to introduce each other. That is what we are doing with pleasure!
Meeting over a cup of coffee and talking about trivia is the best way to start dating and feel it worth it to continue. You can participate in these light meetings until one day, your heart “skips a beat” when you see a model sitting at a cafe table.

ACQUAINTANCE SERVICE WITH PORNSTARS is the organizer of a date for a cup of coffee. We guarantee that all the girls you meet with us will be free and in search of new relationships. So far it’s just coffee, but it’s up to you to decide what it can become in your life.

Cost of service: 200 EURO.
How to pay: /forum/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=19148

We can carry out an individual search for your companion in Russia, abroad, as well as abroad. This service is for those who are serious about seeking happiness and do not intend to fully trust the occasion ...

How does this happen

When paying 200 Shockels you can choose any models you like from the catalogs:

1. Shock Models. Models of Russia.


2. Shock Models. Models of Ukraine


You can search by city:


3. Indexes of porn models:

Code: Select all
4. Fashion Model Indices

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The Shock Models website has more than 10,000 models. Among them:



St. Petersburg:




( the number of profiles of models is replenished daily )

If you liked the model, we give the task to the model agents, they arrange a meeting. You are given a contact phone number for a model that is already waiting for a call from you (indicate on what name the call will be, a few words can be personalized about yourself) on the recommendation of an agent (telling someone). You meet either in live mode or agree on a specific day-time. Payment of such a service is 200 ye per meeting. Then pay extra. Total costs are much lower than payments to agencies, because they mean a fixed 200 EURO.

For all questions, contact:

ATTENTION: paying 200 EURO, you are only guaranteed to meet the model in a cafe, it does not bear any additional obligations on her part!

This is not prostitution, VIP escort pornstars, porn models and stars of the erotic genre can certainly provide, but the administration of Shock Models has nothing to do with this! Of course, there are prostitutes among the models, the penthouse of the Penthouse and the playboy of the Playboy, but until you get to know the model personally, the opinion will be only subjective. There is an escort agency in this area, but we offer a better product!

ATTENTION! Every month, if there is no order, your account is reset!

Order a VIP and try to get to know yourself:

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